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    About us



    The company started in 2006, after 10 years of development, now has more than 70 sets of advanced production and processing equipment, 40 researchers, the vehicle product assembly and debugging to reach the automotive level of safety requirements and levels. The company has obtained dozens of national patents and many good reputation, has passed ISO9001 certification, ISO14001 Environmental Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Hazard Certification, European Union CE certification. Products exported to Turkey, Australia, Singapore and more than 40 countries and regions. By 2015,200,000 electric vehicles of various series had been sold in domestic and foreign markets.

    In order to return the earth to a blue sky and realize everyone to breathe the fresh air on the way, we insist on “Science and technology to promote the development of green and environment-friendly electric vehicle industry”, abide by the “Low-carbon, energy-saving, green, environmental protection, safety”product research and development, production, sales services; blue way on the road, worthy of your trust!   

    Corporate culture

    Team View: Unity and progress, unity and integrity.
    Service view: Customer First, integrity unswerving.
    Management View: First Accumulate, then do strong, then do big.

    Management philosophy

    Management View: people-oriented, honesty and win-win.
    View of efficiency: Daily Affairs End, daily clear day high.
    Time View: Time is resource, time is efficiency.

    Business philosophy

    Spirit of enterprise: Pioneering and enterprising, realistic and pragmatic; innovation and Change, unity and cooperation; strive hard, brave for first-class.
    Corporate objectives: to do excellent enterprises, tree well-known brands, create the best benefits.
    Enterprise style: good faith to customers, strict to work, trust to employees, responsible to society.


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