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    Commuting to work series Investment cooperation Tourism series Sports and Leisure series Sanitation series

    消防安全系列 歸檔 - 電動車,巡邏車,執法車,消防車,觀光車,掃地車,越野車,深圳市藍途新能源電動車

    It is a newly developed product, because the driving mode is driven by AC motor, the vehicle carries 1 ton water tank, the rear-mounted fire-fighting special cabinet, equipped with a full set of emergency fire-fighting safety protectors, sliding rail type booster pump (external fire hydrant, ditch pumping, one pump for three purposes) , on-site control and disposal of initial fire. Suitable for more than 30,000 square meters of space such as village in city, university campus, property district, comprehensive market, etc. .

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